Chronology of FAI F2A Competition

From the early days of competition in Europe control line speed, later FAI class F2A, evolved in a series of international competitions. This site presents the history of this development compiled by Pete Soule.

The reference material here consists primarily of extracts from the British magazine Aeromodeller, however material from other sources is used and identified. This collection is the result of hard work by Mr. Pete Soule, who covered the period between 1950 and 2003. First, we will re-publish his pages, reworking them one-by-one to fit the format of this site. Then, we hope to continue this effort and keep the site up to date.

Many photos here are just scans of what appeared in publications. The original photos, the good ones, were contributed by:

Pete Brandt, Bill Hughes, Doc Jackson, Pete Soule, Jukka Vatatenen