1950 - 1955

Early 1950's - the years in which Europe dug out of World War II and the Western European countires were able to develop an aeromodeling hobby. The first truly international speed contests for the 2.5 cc class was, to my knowledge, in 1951 and 1952. Here are some articles written during 1952-1955 that describe those first competitions. At this time the 5cc and 10cc events were more popular.


1951 - The first international 2.5 cc speed contest I know of:  International at Knokke. Both Aeromodeler and Model Aircraft Reports.

1952 - The second international 2.5 cc speed contest at Brussels: Two Accounts: Aeromodeler and Model Aircraft (the latter a shorter account with some fuzzy pictures).

1952 - The CIAM meeting. Why there was no 2.5cc Championship in 1953 and other matters.

1954 - A one-page report on the 1954 World champs from Model Aircraft and text report form Aeromodeller

1955Speed championships Aeromodeler Report and Model Aircraft report.

An Obituary for a Pioneer in 2.5cc speed Peter Wright