1956 - 1959

1956 and 1957 were years in which contol line speed competition in Europe on a truly international scale developed. Scarcely more than a decade after the devastation of World War II

1956 - World Speed Championships Aeromodeller and Model Aircraft.
Drawings of place 3 and 4 and the rara avis, Barbini B40 that powered it.

1957 - FAI rule changes affected 2.5 cc speed.

1957 - The VIII Criterium had a modest turnout but speeds were high and Sladky was the winner.

1957 - World Champioships (Aeromodeller and Model Aircraft) and Sladky's winning model to compare with Gibbs' 1956 winner.

1958 and 1959 marked the first attempt at attracting contestants from outside Europe and a serious attack on the rules by various attempts to whip or shorten the lines.

Ugo Rossi - A Rising star starting to make his mark appeared (Vatanen photo)

1958 - Criterium. The Hungarians won.

1959 - The X Criterium won by the Italians. Look at two images of new engines displayed: Rossi & Schlosser.

Ray Gibbs' Nipper II Article and Plans.