1957 FAI Rule Changes

From Aeromodeller June 1957 Volume XXII Number 257

New Rules for Old

JUST AS WE CLOSE for press the following letter arrives, circulated by H. R. Gillman, Director General of the F.A.l. FEDERATION AERONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE Ref: 2/10. 5th _April, 1957.

To the National Aero Clubs.

Dear Sir,

On the 29th December I sent to your Club a voting paper asking you to vote on four points discussed by the International Committee for Aeromodelling and on which the Committee requested the opinion of all the N.A.C.s not represented at the Meeting of the Committee.

I give below the results of the voting by correspondence added to the 2 votes cast at the Meeting.

QUESTION No. 5. Weight of rubber in rubber motors models.

Decision. The weight of rubber reduced front 80 gr. to 50 gr. Result. 18 votes for, 9 votes against, 1 abstention.

QUESTION No. 6. Weight per cubic centimetre of cylinder capacity in powered models.

Decision. To abandon the previously adopted weight of 400 gr. per cubic centimetre and to adopt the formula put forward by Switzerland. Result. 21 votes for, 4 votes against, 4 abstentions.

QUESTION No. 9. Rules for Team-Racing.

Decision. To adopt the new formula of constructional characteristics described in the Minutes, as follows: Maximum cylinder capacity ... ... ... . :2.5 cm^3 Total area (wing plus tail unit) ... 12 dm^2 min. Minimum dimensions of the fuselage at the "pilot's cockpit": Height :100 mm. Maximum total weight .. :700 gr. Width :50 mm. Maximum capacity of fuel container :10 cm^3    Result. 16 votes for, 10 votes against, 4 abstentions.

QUESTION No. 14. Class of Model for Control Line Speed.

Decision. To adopt the formula of constructional characteristics proposed by Czechoslovakia as described in the Minutes, i.e.: Maximum cylinder capacity : 2.5 cm^3 Total minimum area : 2 dm^2/cm^3 Wing loading for unit of area : 100 gr./dm^2 max. Result. 20 votes for, 4 votes against, 4 abstentions.

You will notice that there is a substantial majority, in each case, its favour of the decision taken on the proposals made at the Aeromodel Committee Meeting.

A total of twenty-eight Countries toted at the meeting and by correspondence. These results will be submitted to the Aeromodel Committee and to the Genera Conference for confirmation, but there can be no question of reversing these decision because vote by correspondence was taken on the instructions of the General Conference in Vienna.

I would add that of eleven Countries which did not vote, several never reply to any letters front the F.A.I. and some of the others are not in a position to express an opinion.

Yours faithfully,


Director General.

P.S. Of course, the voting paper was not sent to the Acre Clubs which were represented at the Meeting of the Model Committee and which voted on the questions.

Aeromodeller Comment

We are frankly amazed at the wide acceptance of these changes, which were, apart from the Power proposal, rejected out of hand by British modellers, and can only assume that we British are completely out of step with the rest of the modelling world ?

Priding ourselves on our democratic principles, and trusting that the votes recorded were the true opinions of the aeromodellers in the countries concerned and not merely those of paid officials, we can only suggest that the resultant decisions be accepted with good grace however unpalatable they may be.