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Flying control line speed model airplanes is a technical sport that involves a great deal of knowledge of technology, laws of physics, and ability to build things with your own hands. It is also a fun outdoor activity helping one to stay physically fit. Being involved in the competition side of the hobby will enable you to meet some truly great people and see interesting places while attending contests all over the world.

This site was conceived as a means of promotion of F2A Control Line Speed - the international class of control line speed model airplanes, regulated by the Federation Aeronatique Internationale. I feel that despite the general decline of interest towards control line flying, there is demand for technical information on building, tuning and flying F2A models. There are a number of sites dedicated to control line models and speed models in particular, but most of them are oriented on general audience and do not focus on this particular class. On this site, I will try to collect articles, drawings, building tips and other information, which will help a novice to make progress avoiding some common pitfalls. Everyone who is willing to share his/her knowledge about F2A is invited to participate.

Two words about myself: I started flying control line circa 1984 in the USSR and tried all FAI classes before settling on F2A. I flew competitively in junior competitions in the Soviet Union in the mid and late 1980-s. In 2005 I rediscovered this hobby in the USA and returned to competition flying after a 15 year break. Over this period of time much of the technology has changed, so I had to learn many things from scratch. Hence, I consider myself a relatively inexperienced tuner. On the other hand, this enabled me to re-think many topics and listen carefully to more knowledgeable people. I am a member of the North American Speed Society, a special interest group of control line speed in the USA. NASS publishes a quarterly newsletter dedicated to CL speed and I recommend everyone interested in the sport to join this organization.

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